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Paretzoglou S.A., within its long history, always had the vision to help the metal Industry upgrade its machining methods and become more efficient, and more prosperous.

Its mission is accomplished by offering equipment incorporeating an ideal cost / efficiency ratio. This is always accompanied by a package of added value services for its customers.

Within the above solid policy Paretzoglou S.A. have created the new low cost series of CNC machine tools under the name «Entry Line by Paretzoglou».

With this new CNC machinetools line the customers of Paretzoglou S.A. can access excellent quality machines along with the standard "added value services package" at very low prices.

The «Entry Line by Paretzoglou» CNC machinetools are manufactured in co-operation with one of the biggest and most reputable machine tool manufacturers from Taiwan. They are equipped with the best mechanical parts of the market and have been exposed to thorough tests as regards reliability and output. For this reason we are able to offer 3 wears warranty to our customers. Apart of the 3 years of warranty we have managed to deliver to our customers a protective system Pro.Fi. along with each machine. (Pro.Fi is a system absorbing striking charges, surges, transient or long-lasting incidents, bad harmonics etc).

We have done everything possible to make sure that by trusting the new «Entry Line by Paretzoglou» CNC machine tools you will be rewarded reliability and safeguarding of your investment for many years.

The new line of machines «Entry Line by Paretzoglou» includes "CNC Turning machines" and "Turning centres" as well as "Vertical Machining Centres".
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